Let's make academic sports as much fun and exciting as athletic sports.
Give every kid on earth the opportunity to be an Academic Champion.

I am Joe Martyniuk (mart-nick). I invented a way to turn phones
and tablets with Android into high tech racers. Kids and adults print
and read different aphabets with timed, interactive workouts/contests.

JoeyDots contestants put finger or stylus directly on screen over the first
square JoeyDot. Then players draw a line to the next JoeyDot, and to the
next Joeydot, until a letter is finished. It is a process called connecting the
JoeyDots. The device waits for and then goes just as fast as the player can.

This is a very good way to build hand/eye coordination and muscle memory.
I believe but cannot prove learning to print/write helps players learn to read.
Totals page in each app lists the fastest time of all time until you reset it. Apps
are timed. Find out who's faster, you/kid, brother/sister. Then locally/online.
The order of letters, words, and numbers can be varied to make it harder.

English printing and reading letters, numbers, and words apps here.

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To enter JoeyDots ArabAlf Online Championships click here.

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To enter JoeyDots English Online Championships click here.

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To see what a weekly English Academic
TV Game Show would look like
click here.

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Arabic Worksheets. Click here.

I hope I can sell my Worksheets as original art for $300,000
apiece. Pick the worksheet you want and email me its number.


Joe Martyniuk
Post Office Box 864
Bensenville, Illinois 60106