English Online Racing-1 Championships

Racing-1 has five parts. Print Giant Alphabet, Read Numbers,
Read Printed a-m Words, Read Printed n-z Words, and Write
Giant Alphabet. The totals page includes these 5 times and Total
of the five combined times. Click here for free-for-now Racing-1.

Contestants should practice Racing-1's five parts all week long.

1. On Monday at the time listed, tweet photo
of contestant and total screen on Twitter account.

2. On Monday at the time listed, email this
info in the subject line to one@JoeyTimes.com:

REGION, Total, PrintAlf, YourTwitter@

1250, 1211.824, 171.315, YourTwitter@

We will sort by REGION and competitors/times.
Come back Tuesday to see how you did.

Use Twitter@ to find other contestant's photos/identities.
Please keep your Twitter accounts public. Do not annoy
Twitter. Their algorythms can make your tweets invisible.
Enter only once per week so you don't appear suspicious.

Contests can be discontinued at any time for any reason.
Not fastest? Practice and enter again next Monday. Tie
goes to higher done total. Reset Total Page on Tuesday.

Win Local/Regional Bragging Rights.